Friday, 28 March 2008

Ronaldo pays little attention to Pele claim

Ronaldo R9, who is out recovering from a serious knee injury, this last week rejected Pele's claim that Ronaldo will not return to his best, both for AC Milan or Brazil national team.

Pele on Friday said it would be "difficult" for Ronaldo to recover and return to his level of play. "I'm actually glad he said that," Ronaldo told Radio Globo on Sunday night. "We all know Pele is known for making wrong predictions about everything. It usually happens the opposite of what he says."

"I know he is an idol and is asked about all subjects," Ronaldo said. "Sometimes that puts him in difficult situations."

On Sunday, close friend and former Real Madrid teammate Zinedine Zidane said he is confident Ronaldo will overcome the knee injury.

"Ronaldo already proved in 2002 that he can overcome very difficult situations," the retired French playmaker said.

The 31-year-old Ronaldo AC Milan striker, a three-time FIFA player of the year, ruptured a tendon in his left knee while playing for AC Milan last month.

"I need to be patient," Ronaldo said. "The first week was tough but I'm confident and ready to face the challenge. I hope to be able to return, and maybe even play for the national team again.

Pele was right in the fact that it will be "difficult" for Ronaldo to come back to this former self, although he faced many challenges on the road to full fitness yet.

We must remain patient and from recent news around, ronaldo r9 is off crutches and feels no pain. This is a victory for footballing world and Ronaldo's family, indeed a small one - full sotry to follow next week.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

Monday, 24 March 2008

Ronaldo R9 Will Never Get Back To His Best - Pelé

Brazilian legender Pelé said he doesn't think that Ronaldo R9 will be the player he once was again.

This comes as the return of Ronaldo R9 is still in its early stages, with the brazilian yet to decide whether or not to come after football with a long and strenous period of rehab.

Brazilian legend Pelé who was present at a ceremony as ambassador of the Copa Liberatoders, also believe it will be tough to see the old Ronaldo again.
"I don't think Ronaldo will be able to be the player he once was," he said. "Medicine has made huge progress, but he's also a few years older now. I would be very happy if he would be able to come back at 100%, but I'm afraid it won't go that way."

What ever comes out of this news, it is clear that Ronaldo has a long, uncertian road ahead of him and this news comes as unwelcome to a player wishing to return.

Although certainly without intent and most probably ushered into the issue of Ronaldo's injury -
Pelé brings up the definitive issue of the player's health and how paramount it is Ronaldo can come back to the pitch without fear - both for AC Milan, his fans around the world and his family.
Good luck and stay strong - el fenomeno Ronaldo R9 brasil est '76

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ronaldo remains confident of Return

Since suffering the horrific injury last month, Ronaldo R9 has started the long and winding road of rehabilitation to the eventual hope, of returning to football and the AC Milan set-up.

Although tough times are ahead, Ronaldo R9 is in good spirits, which is welcome news for football fans worldwide.

“It’s a little early to talk about making a decision however I am preparing for this action and that is to play,” said Ronaldo.

“I am feeling much better and the worst is over. I am no longer in pain and I have began to walk better. It won’t be long before I remove the crutches.

“It’s nice to return to Milan seeing all my team mates and the fact that I don’t feel in any pain is a good sign.”

Former Milan player Leonardo also spoke of AC Milan- ronaldo's situation and he is also optimistic of El Fenomeno’s return to action.

“Everything is going just fine, his future? Ronaldo is someone who never gives up,” said the former Rossoneri midfielder.

Ronaldo is one of the greatest strikers the world has ever tseen and there is no doubt that all involved in footballing world would love to see him back on the pitch soon.

Football would be poorer without you - stay strong and believe in your abilities - so Ronaldo R9 can grace the international venues and soak up the opposing fans adoration

-The Ronaldo R9 Team

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Capello: Ronaldo R9 Better Than Van Basten

Ronaldo R9 fell out of favour at Real Madrid with Fabio Capello, but it was his former coach that jumped to his backing - declaring ronaldo the best player he had ever coached.

He had a difficult relationship with Capello although Capello has since praised the Brazilian's ability and mentality.

On Ronaldo's recent knee injury, he said: "Unfortunately I saw it live and I was very sad. "Aside from everything that's been said, I have always claimed he is the best player I've ever coached, even superior to Marco Van Basten.

"Unfortunately this is a very serious injury and he will have to work hard to come back.
"I hope he does, because players like him are too important for football. He has to make it, he has to find back the pride and the will to come back."

We once again hope Ronaldo can stay strong, physically and mentally, through these hard months of rehabilitation, and reocver the pride, energy that inspired thousands of football fans worldwide.

Cappello is just one of them - keep fighting and believing ronaldo R9

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Flamengo wait for AC Milan's Ronaldo "with open arms"

As we heard earlier in the season, Flamengo had allegedly been given the go ahead to enter negotiations with startlet Ronaldo R9.

Even so, Ronaldo R9 suffered a serious knee injury, with his future in doubt, it is uncertain whether ronaldo will be able to return to the game.

However, Flamengo president Marcio Braga, has told AC Milan striker Ronaldo R9 that very much remains open, for a suprise move to the team he supported as a child.

Braga said: "We would welcome him with open arms, he knows us well. We are ready to make him an offer.

"It would be fantastic to have him with us. Ronie is negotiating a renewal of his contract with Milan, he must make a choice. He knows that Flamengo is willing to wait and help him recover."

Whether or not ronaldo r9 does sign for Flamengo, it is important his rehabilitation process is compelted fully and the player's health and mental health is back.

This is of course speculation, as AC Milan may yet snatch ronaldo's signature if ronaldo r9 makes a full reocvery.

What is clear that ronaldo must make a full recovery, play once more without fear and flair, and only then, can he choose the club where he will be most happiest.

Good Luck ronaldo r9 with your recovery and stay strong for football - it needs you more than ever now

- Ronaldo R9 Team

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Ronaldo absent AC Milan, crash out of Champions League

Result: Arsenal 2- 0 AC Milan

Without Brazilian star striker in their squad, out with a serious knee injury, Milan failed to make it through to the quarter finals against Arsenal.

Milan's attack looked blunted and could not use their vast experience to force the issue in a the first half where Arsenal were the better of the two sides.

Milan open brightly enough, with Maldini's header at the near post only thwarted with Cesc Fabregas' goal-line clearance, but once Arsenal got into their stride, they created many good opportunities to score.

Adebayor and Fabregas, who had seen a lot of the ball in the first half looked increasingly likely to score with Fabregas hitting the top of the crossbar from a 20-yard drive.

In the second half, Almunia did well to turn over Pirlo's dipping free kick, although it was on the 70th minute, that Wenger made the bold move of bringing on Theo Walcott, that changed the tide of the match. Within four minutes he almost set up a goal, only for keeper Kalac to stretch out a leg and block his cross with a collection of Arsenal players waiting to pounce.

Arsenal almost paid the price for their lack of clinical finishing in front of goal, when with 12 minutes left, Alexandre Pato was only inches off target with an angled shot that took a deflection off Senderos.

Arsenal finally got the goal they deserved with six minutes left when Fabregas burst through centre of the pitch, with yard of space and sent a low shot into the corner past the despairing dive of Kalac - who was suprised the shot was hit as early as it was by Fabregas.

And a stunning performance got the final flourish it deserved when Walcott crossed perfectly for Adebayor to turn in at the far post.

With Milan out of the Champions league and their title hopes gone, they seem to have failed this season.

Although Ronaldo was not in the side that won the Champions League, it is his kind of instinct, pace and guile that could change the match and with Gilardino looking lost in the supporting striker role and Inzaghi well covered by Gallas, the Milan attack lackted the golden touch.

Good luck to Arsenal and all the other teams left in the tournament, it was a great match for the neutrals with chances at both ends - sadly though, Milan, Champions league title holders, are out of the tournament thanks to the brilliance of a rising star in Cesc Fabregas.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

Monday, 3 March 2008

Ronaldo Hints At Milan Exit

Ronaldo, el fenomeno's contract runs out this summer with AC Milan and while the club have expressed their loyalty to ronaldo, the progress on contract talks will only be made after monitoring the Brazilian's progress.

Thus, Milan seem unlikely to offer ronaldo r9 a new contract for a few months yet, meaning that ronaldo is likely to be out of a contract by 1st July - leaving him to be a free agent on the market.

Ronaldo himself, whilst admitting that Milan are favourites to snap him up if he should come back to full fitness from his injury,
he could well look elsewhere to make his comeback.

“We’ll see," ronaldo said to the press. "If I manage to recover at my best, then Milan are in pole position considering the way they have treated me and how much I am loved here.
"The human rapport I have with club and teammates is remarkable. “But we will have to wait and see. It is my dream to play for Flamengo, who were my team when I was a young boy, but it all depends on how I recover."

The most clear indication was dropped when ronaldo r9 said he would make the final decision once he had resumed full training
"The important thing is to get back on the playing field, then I will decide where,” ronaldo concluded.

Whatever the outcome or speculation about a possible move, it is important to recognise ronaldo is still facing an uncertain future, with nine months out of the game until he can return, potentially fully fit.

It should be the wishes and considerations of the player, that surely are paramount and if goign to Brazil to Flamengo, is the best decision for Ronaldo and his game, then it is surely the best decision for football and fans around the world.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Pato Tells Ronaldo: That Goal Was For You

AC Milan faced off against Sienna this past week and it was teenage sensation, Alexandre Pato who scored yet again in a storming start to his debut season at the San Siro.

Giving his side the lead on the 55th minute with a storming drive, Alexandre Pato remained solemn about his true thoughts and feelings, were with Ronaldo and his bid to recovery.

"When I celebrated, I was thinking of Ronaldo. It was a good feeling, like last year when I scored in the derby for Internacional," said young Brazilian striker Pato.

"After my injury I am looking to be back to my best for the match against Arsenal," Pato concluded.

The first leg of the Champions League tie
finished in a goalless draw.

We will again be covering the much antipated clash this time at the San Siro, where if you remember AC Milan demolished Man UTD 3-0 in last years semi-final.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team