Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ronaldo Caught up in Transvestite Scandal - Ronaldo R9

Ronaldo R9 Special Feature-

Brasilian star Ronaldo has been caught up in a scandal involving three cross-dressing prosititutes this Monday week.

Ronaldo had allegedly just dropped off his girlfriend at her house when he picked up three girls only to discover that they were in fact transvestites.

One of the people involved, Andreia Albertine, videoed the footballer emerging from the motel on her mobile phone's camera and the video has been posted on video-sharing website Youtube.

From here reports and facts are patchy, with some claims that Ronaldo threatened to hit one of the 'girls' who accused him of asking her to buy him drugs according to local press reports.

Ronaldo has hit back firmly denying he has ever using drugs, and reiterated that he was a victim of extortion.

Technically, under Brasilian Law Ronaldo has done nothing wrong - prostitution is legal - so it seems that although perhaps not morally correct - ronaldo r9 is in fact a victim of crime.

Ronaldo, according to Rio police superintendent Carlos Augusto Nogueira, "reported that Andreia had taken his car documents and demanded 30,000 dollars".

Nogueira added: "Ronaldo admits the facts. He said he just wanted to amuse himself, that's not a crime. To pay to have sexual relations isn't illegal.

Albertino is also accused of taking Ronaldo's documents and threatened to extort the Brasilian star $30,000.

Ronaldo R9 who is currently out with a serious knee injury has also stated he is having psychological problems associated with his injury.

Regardless of any problems, what is clear is that Ronaldo has taken a fine line here by hiring a call girl and this has turned into a PR disaster for a the footballer.

Youtube and Brasilian press have been quick to catch on this story - whilst on the BBC news wesbite - it is the #1 story in the world as of 29/04/08.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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Friday, 18 April 2008

Pato: Stop Comparing Me With Ronaldo R9 & Pele

Ronaldo R9 Special Feature-

Since his introduction into world football, Alexandre pato has attracted a lot of attention and much of this is deserved, with the prodigious young striker being compared to ronaldo r9 - brasil striker.

Pato, like Ronaldo R9, joined Milan in 2007 and since january 2008 when he became eligible to play for AC Milan, has had a rich vein of form. Scoring 7 times in 13 games in Serie A - inevitably leading comparisons to selecao star ronaldo.

"This is a special moment,” Pato enthused.

“The Seleçao is the dream for any Brazilian boy who begins to play with the ball.”

The 18-year-old has been described by some as the ‘new Fenomeno’, in reference to Ronaldo 's own tag 'el fenomeno' , however it something Pato dislikes.

“Leave aside words like phenomenon,” he said.

“I still have everything to prove.”

And everything to prove he does with Pato being only 18 years old it is absurd to reach such conclusions that he is the new ronaldo. However such comparisons are inevitable with both ronaldo r9 and pato being at ac milan, only time will tell whether Pato has the capacity to match the great ronaldo on the biggest stage - the world cup in 2010.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Ronaldo AC Milan Empoli Goal

To keep us ronaldo r9 fans amused while he is injured, we will each week go through and see some of his spectacular goals from past games.

Here we have a match with AC Milan against Empoli where our Ronaldo r9 scored on the 12 minute

Take a look at the turn and three stepovers to bamboozle the defender - just like the good old days with Barca and Brazil.

Get well soon ronnie - in the mean time let us celebrate his exquisite talent that drew so many millions of fans to el fenomeno all those years ago.

-The Ronaldo R9 Team

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ronaldo R9 eyes Flamengo stint before full AC Milan Return

Ronaldo R9 has recently expressed his desire to join Flamengo on a loan deal as part of his rehab process.

Ronaldo, Ac milan striker, injured his knee earlier this year, setting him back at least nine months before he can return to full training.

The Brazilian startlet believes a stint at Brazilian side Flamengo could help his rehabilitation process - before entering Serie A action with AC Milan.

"I am not giving up," Ronaldo told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "I don't see myself without football.

"I am working four hours a day in order to recover.

"Before I can think of Europe and Milan, I would like to spend a couple of months at Flamengo."

Ronaldo R9 added that his scheduled nine-month rehabilitation programme was progressing well.

"For the time being everything is okay and the doctors have given me hope, telling me that the knee is healing well," he said.

Ronaldo's deal at Milan ends this summer although AC Milan, specifically Silvio Berlusconi has stated his wish to extend his contract for a further year.

It is important not to second guess the rehab process, although a stint at Flamengo could well go some way to improving confidence and Ronaldo technique as he gets his touch back slowly out of the limelight of Serie A.

This could well then ease him into 2010 WC contention - although will need to prove he is worthy ahead of Luis Fabiano (in fantastic form), Alfonso Alves (undoubedtly better than Alves although form is crucial) etal.

Undoubedtly a 'phenomenom' - Brasil cannot find a better striker than Ronaldo, although the rehab process will be crucial and then the form he can show with his team - whether it be AC Milan or Flamengo

-The Ronaldo R9 Team

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Zidane tips ronaldo r9 for triumphant return

Former Real Madrid maestro Zinedine Zidane has tipped his ex-teammate Ronaldo R9 to make a triumphant return after his recent injury woes.

Having suffered a second knee injury within 6 years, it seems that Ronaldo r9, if he is to gain full fitness faces an extraordinary challenge to return to his former greatness.

Zidane, has however, moved quickly to contradict Pele, with the Brazilian legend having previously stated that due to Ronaldo's age he will never again hit peak form.

The former French international remarked, "Even though Pele said no, I must say yes. "Ronaldo showed back in 2002 that he can overcome difficult situations. "That's why he is 'The Phenomenon.'"

Ronaldo r9 shared four successful years at Real with zizou, with

The two played together for four seasons at Real Madrid, with Zidane's contribution to the side ending in 2006. Ronaldo didn't last much longer, moving to AC Milan in early 2007.

Ronaldo and Zidane have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award a record three times, an achievement shared only between the pair of them.

This is welcome news to the footballing community from a close friend and former teammate.

This is positive and although the task that faces him is very difficult, we must gather the positives and use them as motivation to propel Ronaldo back to his old self - el fenomeno.