Saturday, 8 March 2008

Flamengo wait for AC Milan's Ronaldo "with open arms"

As we heard earlier in the season, Flamengo had allegedly been given the go ahead to enter negotiations with startlet Ronaldo R9.

Even so, Ronaldo R9 suffered a serious knee injury, with his future in doubt, it is uncertain whether ronaldo will be able to return to the game.

However, Flamengo president Marcio Braga, has told AC Milan striker Ronaldo R9 that very much remains open, for a suprise move to the team he supported as a child.

Braga said: "We would welcome him with open arms, he knows us well. We are ready to make him an offer.

"It would be fantastic to have him with us. Ronie is negotiating a renewal of his contract with Milan, he must make a choice. He knows that Flamengo is willing to wait and help him recover."

Whether or not ronaldo r9 does sign for Flamengo, it is important his rehabilitation process is compelted fully and the player's health and mental health is back.

This is of course speculation, as AC Milan may yet snatch ronaldo's signature if ronaldo r9 makes a full reocvery.

What is clear that ronaldo must make a full recovery, play once more without fear and flair, and only then, can he choose the club where he will be most happiest.

Good Luck ronaldo r9 with your recovery and stay strong for football - it needs you more than ever now

- Ronaldo R9 Team

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