Monday, 24 March 2008

Ronaldo R9 Will Never Get Back To His Best - Pelé

Brazilian legender Pelé said he doesn't think that Ronaldo R9 will be the player he once was again.

This comes as the return of Ronaldo R9 is still in its early stages, with the brazilian yet to decide whether or not to come after football with a long and strenous period of rehab.

Brazilian legend Pelé who was present at a ceremony as ambassador of the Copa Liberatoders, also believe it will be tough to see the old Ronaldo again.
"I don't think Ronaldo will be able to be the player he once was," he said. "Medicine has made huge progress, but he's also a few years older now. I would be very happy if he would be able to come back at 100%, but I'm afraid it won't go that way."

What ever comes out of this news, it is clear that Ronaldo has a long, uncertian road ahead of him and this news comes as unwelcome to a player wishing to return.

Although certainly without intent and most probably ushered into the issue of Ronaldo's injury -
Pelé brings up the definitive issue of the player's health and how paramount it is Ronaldo can come back to the pitch without fear - both for AC Milan, his fans around the world and his family.
Good luck and stay strong - el fenomeno Ronaldo R9 brasil est '76

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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