Thursday, 13 March 2008

Capello: Ronaldo R9 Better Than Van Basten

Ronaldo R9 fell out of favour at Real Madrid with Fabio Capello, but it was his former coach that jumped to his backing - declaring ronaldo the best player he had ever coached.

He had a difficult relationship with Capello although Capello has since praised the Brazilian's ability and mentality.

On Ronaldo's recent knee injury, he said: "Unfortunately I saw it live and I was very sad. "Aside from everything that's been said, I have always claimed he is the best player I've ever coached, even superior to Marco Van Basten.

"Unfortunately this is a very serious injury and he will have to work hard to come back.
"I hope he does, because players like him are too important for football. He has to make it, he has to find back the pride and the will to come back."

We once again hope Ronaldo can stay strong, physically and mentally, through these hard months of rehabilitation, and reocver the pride, energy that inspired thousands of football fans worldwide.

Cappello is just one of them - keep fighting and believing ronaldo R9

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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