Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ronaldo recalls injury moment

Ronaldo R9 ruptured a tendon in his knee during last week’s match with Livorno, and he has described how he felt the moment this happened:

“At the start I couldn’t stop crying, as there was an incredible pain,” El Fenomeno told Sky Italia.
“I felt a very strong crack and immediately my mind raced over images I had already seen. In that moment I thought the right thing to do was give up after this had happened to me again.

“At the time I thought I’d try to recover s
o I could live a normal life and rest, because I have been playing for many years.

“But in those moments of sadness so many things go through your mind. I was defeated, on the floor, but slowly there is the chance to come back and I will fight until the bitter end for that possibility.”

As with any injury it is always a very scary, tense moment in any professional's career.

Also a big shout-out to Eduardo and his family, we will have a special feature on Eduardo in response to the demand and amount of condolences towards him.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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