Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Ronaldo: I Will Return If There Is No Pain

Ronaldo R9 ruptured his tendon in a Serie A match against Livorno.

Ronaldo will be out of action for at least nine months as he recovers, although many people believe that he may never set foot on the field again.

“This isn’t the right time to think about it, because everything is still so fresh and recent,” he replied in response to these kinds of reports. “I have to focus on my recovery now, which will be very long and difficult. “Then at the end, if I really am fit again, truly do not feel pain and have the confidence to step on to the pitch, I will certainly return to the playing field.”

Eric Rolland, the surgeon who operated on Ronaldo, said the striker would "not be able to run before up to five months and not be able to train before nine months."

He added: "Anything can happen in the next three months because surgery is not an exact science. It will all depend on the rehabilitation.

"The recovery will not depend on Ronaldo for the first six months. It will all depend on him afterwards. Psychologically, he is a remarkable man."

We wish Ronaldo the best of luck with his rehabilitation process and hope he can come back from his third serious injury in recent years.

- The Ronaldo R9 Team

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