Saturday, 23 February 2008

Flashback - Ronaldo Injures right knee, Inter Milan

The footballing world may be embracing the latest Ronaldo injury, his ruptured right knee is likely to take nine months to fully heal and until Ronaldo can train back to full fitness.

However, taking you back to 1999 we can see where the tale of the knee injuries began...

On 21st Novemeber, 1999, during a Serie A match against Lecce, Inter milan starlet Ronaldo felt his right knee buckle under him. He quickly slumped to the ground in pain, writhing in agony, thinking the worse had happened.

The worst had happened. Ronaldo had ruptured his right knee severely and would immediate require surgery if he had any chance of a return.

This laid Ronaldo off the pitch for some months, finally making his comeback on April 12th 2000. Having only been on the pitch for seven minutes in a Coppa Italia match vs Lazio, he injured his right knee once more.

This required a gruelling test of Ronaldo R9's motivation and focus, with 20 months rehabilitation.

Ronaldo came back, led Brazil to 2002 World Cup, became world player of the year, earned himself a lucrative contract at Real Madrid and the rest is history.

But we shall always remember the day el fenomeno was felled, with the world at his feet, down and out seemingly.

Putting the latest injury into perspective, it is clear that he is older, and it will be harder for him to recover. There are more risks of further damage, long-term injuries even chance he will end his career, right now.

But if anyone can do it, it is Ronaldo R9. - The Ronaldo R9 Team

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