Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Zidane tips ronaldo r9 for triumphant return

Former Real Madrid maestro Zinedine Zidane has tipped his ex-teammate Ronaldo R9 to make a triumphant return after his recent injury woes.

Having suffered a second knee injury within 6 years, it seems that Ronaldo r9, if he is to gain full fitness faces an extraordinary challenge to return to his former greatness.

Zidane, has however, moved quickly to contradict Pele, with the Brazilian legend having previously stated that due to Ronaldo's age he will never again hit peak form.

The former French international remarked, "Even though Pele said no, I must say yes. "Ronaldo showed back in 2002 that he can overcome difficult situations. "That's why he is 'The Phenomenon.'"

Ronaldo r9 shared four successful years at Real with zizou, with

The two played together for four seasons at Real Madrid, with Zidane's contribution to the side ending in 2006. Ronaldo didn't last much longer, moving to AC Milan in early 2007.

Ronaldo and Zidane have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award a record three times, an achievement shared only between the pair of them.

This is welcome news to the footballing community from a close friend and former teammate.

This is positive and although the task that faces him is very difficult, we must gather the positives and use them as motivation to propel Ronaldo back to his old self - el fenomeno.

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