Friday, 18 April 2008

Pato: Stop Comparing Me With Ronaldo R9 & Pele

Ronaldo R9 Special Feature-

Since his introduction into world football, Alexandre pato has attracted a lot of attention and much of this is deserved, with the prodigious young striker being compared to ronaldo r9 - brasil striker.

Pato, like Ronaldo R9, joined Milan in 2007 and since january 2008 when he became eligible to play for AC Milan, has had a rich vein of form. Scoring 7 times in 13 games in Serie A - inevitably leading comparisons to selecao star ronaldo.

"This is a special moment,” Pato enthused.

“The Seleçao is the dream for any Brazilian boy who begins to play with the ball.”

The 18-year-old has been described by some as the ‘new Fenomeno’, in reference to Ronaldo 's own tag 'el fenomeno' , however it something Pato dislikes.

“Leave aside words like phenomenon,” he said.

“I still have everything to prove.”

And everything to prove he does with Pato being only 18 years old it is absurd to reach such conclusions that he is the new ronaldo. However such comparisons are inevitable with both ronaldo r9 and pato being at ac milan, only time will tell whether Pato has the capacity to match the great ronaldo on the biggest stage - the world cup in 2010.

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