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Ronaldo hurt and ashamed over scandal - Ronaldo R9

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Let's take a moment to reflect on the human side of Ronaldo and the moments he must have been going through when the story imploded worldwide about an encounter with three transvestites.

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Above all the media focus, controversy and more angles cast than even Pythagoras oould have bettered, we see Ronaldo the human, and he made this past week, a public confession to his family, friends and worldwide fans.

Ronaldo admits he is "sorry and ashamed" over the scandal.

"It was an isolated and stupid act," the three-time FIFA Player of the Year said on Globo's hugely popular "Fantastico" program. "I'm sorry and ashamed."

Ronaldo said he was unaware they were transvestites and is deeply sorry for his actions - Ronaldo was out celebrating Flamengo's victory over rivals Botofogo although retains the fact he was not drunk.

"I feel very ashamed speaking about this matter. It was an isolated act, an act of complete stupidity on my part. I never knew what a transvestite was. I am completely heterosexual.

"My error has created a major problem of global impact. But thank God all the facts are coming to light. I've spoken to my attorney and everything is being investigated and will be proven.

"Certainly this will tarnish my personal life forever. But it will not interfere in my position as ambassador for Unicef. And this will not interfere also in the advertising contracts I have. This is an isolated act that will not happen again."

Ronaldo has made a very big mistake indeed and this will have no bearing on his future career, although has recently broke up with girlfriend Maria after word of his affair broke.

"I made the stupidest mistake ever of my personal life," he said. "Anyone can make a mistake, and I made a big mistake."

Quick Peek ahead of Headlines - Ronaldo has also cast fresh doubt over his AC Milan career when his contract runs out in June - more to follow soon so stay tuned at Ronaldo R9.

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