Monday, 19 May 2008

Adriano: Ronaldo will bounce back - Ronaldo R9

Ronaldo R9 Special Feature -

Fellow Brasilian international Adriano, is confident that Ronaldo can bounce back from his recent injury and personal problems.

The Brasilian star was loaned out by Inter to Sao Paulo to regain form and fitness in a disappointing season last year and firmly believs that his 2006 world cup teammate Ronaldo R9, can recover from his own disappointing troubles.

Ronaldo who is recovering from a serious knee injury, had an encounter with three cross-dressing tranvestites who tried to extort Ronaldo out of his money.

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Ronaldo who has since expressed his hurt and shame over the incident, is adament that he was not in the wrong, having not done anything illegal - yet it deeply embarrased over the whole incident.

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"We always had a good relationship and while I think that what Ronaldo did was not right, I am never going to give up our friendship for that," said Adriano to

"He is Ronaldo and he is a big name. If that had happened to another person, nobody would talk about it.

"These are lessons to learn from this incident. I also went through some difficulties and I know how he must feel," Adriano added.

So what can we make of this from Adriano?

Firstly that Ronaldo is now over the worst of this and can now concentrate on getting back to his rehabilitation and looking to gain full fitness. Ronaldo R9 has not had the best of luck with injuries and will need all the support and motivation to come back to anything that was like his best.

Put into context - he is only 31, will be 32 next year and this 2008-2009 season with whichever club will be the defining chapter in Ronaldo r9's career. With Milan looking uncertain to renew or extent his contract which ends in June this year, Flamengo wait in the distant horizon with open arms for Ronaldo and possibly even a shock return in World Cup 2010...

- The Ronaldo R9 Team


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